Corn sticks with a milk flavour Family pack

Corn grits 60%, refined deodorized sunflower oil, powdered sugar, natural flavouring «Milk» 0,05%, salt.

Storage instructions

Store in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area at a temperature not exceeding 20°C and relative humidity of air not exceeding 75%. Failure to comply with storage conditions may result in undesired taste and odor of the oil in the product.

Net weight

280 g

Nutritional (food) value per 100 g of the product
Energy (calories)2141,8 / 511,56 кkJ / kcal
Fat26,16 g
of which saturates2,94 g
Carbohydrates62,41 g
of which sugars23,2 g
Fibre1,52 f
Protein6,61 g
Salt0,06 g