About us

About us

Start of the production of delicious corn sticks under the brand name "Bobo" by Fastpol LLC
Equipped with a quality control laboratory of raw materials and finished products in accordance with European standards
The company doubled its production capacity and logistics park to satisfy the demanding tastes of consumers
Purchase of state-of-the-art equipment and entry into the markets of Poland, Great Britain, Israel, the USA, Germany and the UAE

TM “Bobo” is a brand of corn sticks that has been producing high-quality and tasty snacks for Ukrainian families for 18 years. The original recipes produced by TM “Bobo” use natural ingredients without gluten, without GMOs and without preservatives.

The traditional taste of corn sticks is a childhood memory that lasts a lifetime. That’s why our mission is to preserve the traditional taste using innovative technologies and modern equipment.

Our main goal is to ensure that consumers enjoy the pleasant taste of natural Bobo corn sticks, in the production of which no flavour enhancers, preservatives or artificial colors are used. The product is safe for consumption by both the youngest enthusiasts and their parents, as well as elderly people.

TM “Bobo” begins its history in 2005 in Western Ukraine, in the same year the production was launched. For 5 years on the market, “Bobo” has stolen the hearts of Ukrainian consumers of all age categories. In 2012, there was an increase in production capacity and expansion into new regions within Ukraine.

A pleasant sweet taste, bright packaging with interactive tasks and the values of the team working on creating a natural and high-quality product brought the brand to the world market. Today, “Bobo” is known not only in Ukraine, but also outside its borders in the countries of the European Union, Great Britain, the USA, Israel and the UAE.

The main production facilities are located in the West of Ukraine, certified equipment of European brands in combination with the latest Ukrainian technologies produces a quality product that is delivered to store shelves and delights families with its taste.

The greatest value of a person is health, that’s why “Bobo” cares about the health of its consumers. Natural raw materials are used for production:

  • corn grits, which were grown under the gentle sun on the chernozems of Ukraine;

  • sugar, in the recommended consumption rates per day;

  • sunflower oil from seeds grown on ecologically clean lands.

The “taste of childhood” is felt in every pack, that’s why “Bobo” is the most favorite treat of children and adults.

However, the activity of TM “Bobo” does not end only with the production of corn sweets. Our mission is much deeper, that is why we support social initiatives of the region. We are partners and sponsors of sports, entertainment and educational events for children and youth.


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