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MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The promotion is valid on the entire territory of Ukraine, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and Autonomous Rerublic of Crimea. The draw is held live on our Instagram. If you have any questions, please contact our hotline at 0 800 333 196 (all calls from landlines within Ukraine are free) Privacy policy and general conditions of the promotion

Here are the winners of May!

🎵The portable speakers will recieve🎵
1. Mariana Semeniuk from Lazeshchyny
2. Stepan Machyshyn from Voroblevychy
3. Kateryna Kulhavets from the village Mostyske
4. Tetiana Hohol from Ivano-Frankivsk
5. Khrystyna Prokopiv from Lviv

⌚️Smartwatches will receive⌚️
1. Olenka Kindrat from Rudno
2. Ruslan Struk from Rudnyky
3. Danyil Skrypychaiko from Lviv
4. Mariia Voitsikhovska from Luchkivtsi
5. Olha Kiriakova from Vynnyky

Until the end of the campaign, there are:
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How to accept

Collect 5 (five) tear-off coupons
Fill in the coupons by specifying your details: name, address, contact phone number and age
Put the coupons in one envelope and send them to the following address: "Fastpol" LLC, st. Lvivska, 15, Dublyany, Lviv region, Lviv district, 80381, Ukraine
Expect a raffle from Super Bobo the bunny.

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